So Where Have I Been?

30 06 2011

A much-needed and much deserved (I think) vacation.  This was a bit of a delayed honeymoon (2 years isn’t that late is it?) for the hubs and I and we had the best time.  I spent 5 days down in Key West and I could not recommend it more.  We had a great resort on the south end of the island that offered all of the perks that we wanted and non of the extra touristy stuff.  I will start with some photos of our time there and post more later.  Still trying to recover from the drama that was our trip home.  Hope you enjoy.

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Taste of Carolina

22 05 2011

So, I have to admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for Carolina BBQ, specifically North Carolina BBQ.  Don’t tell Texas, she would be pissed.  I still love my brisket, but sometimes you just want that tasty pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich.  So, I found a recipe for pulled pork that more than fulfilled that missing food group. (what, BBQ IS its own food group).   I have to say that I wish would have had the cider vinegar in my pantry as it would have made significant difference but I have to say that I will definitely be adding this to the recipe rotation.   This recipe was very easy to cut in half since there was no need for me to make a huge 4 pound slab of pork.  I cooked it on low for about 6 hours and then put my crockpot on warm since it was not quite time for dinner.

I topped mine with a store-bought coleslaw because it was a lazy Sunday and all I had the energy for was to turn on the crockpot.  I hope that you will try this if you are not anywhere close to be able to get your NC BBQ fix.


yield | 6-8 servings

1 large Vidalia onion, sliced thin
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon paprika
2 teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 (4-6 lb) boneless pork butt or shoulder
¾ cup cider vinegar
4 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 ½ teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes
1 ½ teaspoons sugar
½ teaspoons dry mustard
½ teaspoon garlic salt
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1. Rinse pork roast under cold water and pat dry with paper towels.
2. Place onions in crock-pot. In a small bowl, combine brown sugar, paprika, kosher salt and pepper; mix thoroughly. Rub mixture all over roast and place the roast on top of the onions.
3. In a medium bowl, combine vinegar, Worcestershire, red pepper flakes, sugar, mustard, garlic salt and cayenne pepper; whisk to combine. Drizzle about 1/3 of vinegar mixture over roast. Cover and refrigerate remaining vinegar mixture.
4. Cover crockpot; cook on low for 10-12 hours. Drizzle about 1/3 of reserved vinegar mixture over roast during last ½ hour of cooking.
5. Remove meat and onions; drain. Chop or shred meat and onions. Serve with remaining vinegar mixture or your favorite barbeque sauce.

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Girl you know it’s true…

13 05 2011

Anyone else remember that jam?  Dating myself?  Whatever, this is a short one to give a shout out (really is it 1999?) to my husband.  He became my boyfriend/best-friend 11 years ago on Saturday.  It’s still hard to believe that we have been together since we were kids and more than that, it’s a miracle that he isn’t tired of my cray-cray.  Honey, I love you so much and I am so happy that you said you would be my boyfriend those 11 years ago.  Here’s to many more years together, you are the milk to my cookies, the Milli to my Vanilli.

I Like Glitter, so what?!

12 05 2011

Hello, I am a 29 year old who loves glitter (or anything that sparkles).  There I said it.  There is just something that makes me smile when I see something spark—ooo shiny—ly.


 I may have an unhealthly love of the small little flecks of light but at least I know it.  I hope these images from around the web make you smile as much as I do.  Plus, it’s cloudy here and I want something pretty to look at. 🙂

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Monday is a Punch in the Face

10 05 2011

So, it’s no secret that I dislike Mondays.  I think it is fair to say that I loathe Mondays.  But they arrive like clock work after a great or even not so great weekend and they just make my face hurt.   They give the great upper cut after a busy and eventful weekend, like this weekend.

The husband and I spent Saturday down in San Antonio with the extended family (that’s the only way I can describe it) celebrating his step-brother’s graduation with his masters degree.  It was the quickest graduation and it was made for San Antonio-y with a mariachi band to close.  How great it that!?!  The hubs and I graduated from ECU in North Carolina and I thought, well hell we should have had a jug band.

I took quite a few photos of family and friends at the event to share and I’m happy with my skills with people.  I don’t normally shoot people (which you shouldn’t, it’s frowned upon) but I was happy with these and hope the parents are as well.

Sunday came around pretty quickly and was hot as all get out, making me remind myself that it’s only May and oh yeah, it’s Texas, of course its hot.  We worked on resuscitating our yard and tending to one of the plant beds in our front yard and then removing the dead bushes from another.  I washed my hands and have taken two showers since then and I still have top soil under my nails.  That’s how I know I worked hard.

I hope Monday treated you well, I’m just glad that it is over and I can focus on the next weekend.  (what am I the only one?)

Happy Easter (and what wildflowers)

24 04 2011

Pre baked cookie dough

This has been a pretty nice and relaxing weekend.  The hubs had Friday off from work and I worked my half day from home, so it even felt like a day off for me as well (even if it did start at 6:30am).  We did our usual trip to the grocery store and putzed around doing some typical weekend errands.  Along with baking some peanut butter cookies at someones request.

Fresh from the oven

Saturday we went on the BMW CCA wildflower drive from Austin to Fredricksburg.  Now, we attended this even last year and had a pretty nice time, but we had had a really wet winter with lots of rain so that meant LOTS of wildflowers.  This year, no so much.  Let’s just say that I think I saw about 5 bluebonnets on the entire 2 hour drive.  But some of the people who attend are nice, if not much older than the hubs and I are, but nice none the less.  We didn’t lunch with the group instead of opting to empty our bladders, I mean, who decides to go on some of these bumpy one lane roads any way, and have a nice lunch just the two of us.  We opted for Chuy’s and enjoyed each other’s company and the quiet outdoor patio to the table for 30+.

Fresh and clean

Nice wheels

First and only pit stop

Sunday has included a lot of nothing.  We needed to go to the store for a few things that we forgot and apparently they are closed for some bunny holiday today.  Guess that means someone will be going tomorrow after work.  🙂

Weekend This & That

24 04 2011

I have to say that this weekend went by so fast that I feel I need another one now.  It started with a late night of Real Time on HBO and munching on some yummy pizza that the hubs so sweetly picked up on the way home from work.

Our Saturday’s typically start for me earlier than I would like because the dogs don’t understand the concept of sleeping in.  They feel the call of nature at 6:30am or earlier regardless if it is Saturday or Sunday.  But I let them do their business, barking the entire time, and then we all crawl back into bed.  (note, we really need to get a king size mattress)  The main activity of the day was to install the new glass mosaic tile backsplash in our kitchen.  We got a great deal on a kit that says it should only take about 2 hours to install.  That was a hot, steamy load.  Getting the tile up and on the wall was very easy, the grouting was another story.  The concept of grouting and then wiping everything off was very foreign for me.  All of the DIY shows make it look so easy and I was getting very frustrate that we are just removing all of the grout that was just applied.    So to stop and further frustration we leave it to set and get some lunch and catch a movie.  Let me just say this, we started the tiling job at 9:30am, we did not stop to get cleaned up to leave the house until 1pm.  Two hours my ass.

The lunch and movie distraction was very nice.  We snagged a sammie from Jason’s Deli and went to see “Your Highness.”  I will admit that this movie may not be for everyone, but for us, it was hilarious.  I have not laughed out loud that hard in a movie since “The Hangover.”  Fast forward to us getting back home and trying to figure out how to get the remaining grout off of those tiles so not to ruin the finish.  Needless to say we got it done and it looks great.

Sunday was a day of donuts and photos.  South Austin seriously needs a Dunkin donuts so we don’t have to make a 40 minute trek to get great donuts and coffee.  That afternoon was spent napping and a little cleaning, but mainly napping.  That evening we met up with the photographer who did our wedding for some updated photos and had such a great time.  Once we have some proofs or we purchase them I will be sure to share.

Here’s hoping for a speedy week because I need another weekend, or vacation!