My Co-Workers are Cuter than Yours

19 10 2011
Someone had a hard day!

Someone had a hard day

This I know to be a fact as I have two of the best co-workers ever.  Now I use the term “co-worker” very loosely as these two individuals do not actually work.  More like lounge around on my nicely made bed.

Laying down on the job...

Since starting to work from home I have come to realize just how lazy my fur-babies are.  Seriously, now I know why I can’t get ahead of my dusting duties.  These guys are everywhere and they lay around and rub on everything, it’s quite distressing.  But I digress, I wanted to share some photos of my wonderfully productive colleagues hard at work.

Who knew Wednesday's could be so ruff 🙂

Not another teleconference!




One response

21 10 2011
Kathy Carter

They are soo cute!!! I know who does all the work in your household when you are at home working!!!! I know they are glad that you are at home with them. They love it when their mommy is home to keep them company!! I especially know you are loving working from home!!!

Love ya

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