New Frontier…or whatever

23 09 2011

So, no posts in what, 2 months?  Life can get quite busy in our neck of the woods.  You all do know that Texas was on fire recently right!?  Well, it impacted our little area just a little, no damage to our home thankfully, but many of my husbands students and co-workers were greatly affected.  So there that, and my company is shutting down our location.  But again, thankfully, I was given the opportunity to continue working from my home.  You know what that means…SHOPPING!!!  Of course I needed to redecorate our office/music room.  The process was a bit more, lets clear out this clutter and have a space that I can actually work in for 9 hours a day.

We started by clearing out A LOT of stuff, our house is great for just the two of us but it is seriously lacking storage, so closets get fulled up pretty quick (bad grammer, I know).  So we tried downsizing a bit.  We also gave the two pieces of furniture that we had in here to one of my co-workers who will also be going home based, no sense in throwing it away (which we would not have done, it would have been donated.)  So that left me with a pretty blank slate, there were a number of musical items that would have to stay, mine and the hubs guitars, amps and his drum set.  All of which make nice accessories (sorry honey but they do 🙂  Then I painted the room, classic shade of gray and then hit up Ikea for one of the biggest trips there I had ever done.

Many hours of lets put these slabs of wood together and hey, could this piece of glass be any heavier, I had a working office.  It’s not entirely complete yet.  I will be moving a printer, getting some wall shelves and a rug but overall I think it is working out nicely.  Hope you like the pretty pictures.  Also thanks again, T and dad for those awesome prints, now I daydream about being at the beach.




2 responses

23 09 2011

Jeff Lewis would be so envious! The Hawaii photos look amazing…I’m really glad you like them!

Taiya xoxo

17 10 2011
Kathy Carter

Looks great sweetie!!!!!!

Love ya

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