Monday is a Punch in the Face

10 05 2011

So, it’s no secret that I dislike Mondays.  I think it is fair to say that I loathe Mondays.  But they arrive like clock work after a great or even not so great weekend and they just make my face hurt.   They give the great upper cut after a busy and eventful weekend, like this weekend.

The husband and I spent Saturday down in San Antonio with the extended family (that’s the only way I can describe it) celebrating his step-brother’s graduation with his masters degree.  It was the quickest graduation and it was made for San Antonio-y with a mariachi band to close.  How great it that!?!  The hubs and I graduated from ECU in North Carolina and I thought, well hell we should have had a jug band.

I took quite a few photos of family and friends at the event to share and I’m happy with my skills with people.  I don’t normally shoot people (which you shouldn’t, it’s frowned upon) but I was happy with these and hope the parents are as well.

Sunday came around pretty quickly and was hot as all get out, making me remind myself that it’s only May and oh yeah, it’s Texas, of course its hot.  We worked on resuscitating our yard and tending to one of the plant beds in our front yard and then removing the dead bushes from another.  I washed my hands and have taken two showers since then and I still have top soil under my nails.  That’s how I know I worked hard.

I hope Monday treated you well, I’m just glad that it is over and I can focus on the next weekend.  (what am I the only one?)




2 responses

10 05 2011

M- As usual, by the looks of this one photo, your camera skills are amazing. Even more impressive knowing you didn’t have to attend some fancy-shmancy photog school… you are a self-made shutterbug 😉 Pretty soon you’ll be charging those appreciative parents for the Mendez artwork!

Hope you have a good week; your Dad is in VA/NC; I’m back here trying to sidestep the tornados!

Taiya xoxo

12 05 2011

San Antonio-y? I like that.

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