Happy Easter (and what wildflowers)

24 04 2011

Pre baked cookie dough

This has been a pretty nice and relaxing weekend.  The hubs had Friday off from work and I worked my half day from home, so it even felt like a day off for me as well (even if it did start at 6:30am).  We did our usual trip to the grocery store and putzed around doing some typical weekend errands.  Along with baking some peanut butter cookies at someones request.

Fresh from the oven

Saturday we went on the BMW CCA wildflower drive from Austin to Fredricksburg.  Now, we attended this even last year and had a pretty nice time, but we had had a really wet winter with lots of rain so that meant LOTS of wildflowers.  This year, no so much.  Let’s just say that I think I saw about 5 bluebonnets on the entire 2 hour drive.  But some of the people who attend are nice, if not much older than the hubs and I are, but nice none the less.  We didn’t lunch with the group instead of opting to empty our bladders, I mean, who decides to go on some of these bumpy one lane roads any way, and have a nice lunch just the two of us.  We opted for Chuy’s and enjoyed each other’s company and the quiet outdoor patio to the table for 30+.

Fresh and clean

Nice wheels

First and only pit stop

Sunday has included a lot of nothing.  We needed to go to the store for a few things that we forgot and apparently they are closed for some bunny holiday today.  Guess that means someone will be going tomorrow after work.  🙂




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