Weekend Ramblings

11 04 2011

This weekend has been one of just hanging around the house, naps, dinner with friends and just taking it easy.  I am also happy to report that the dresses that were ordered came in on Friday and all three are fab!  They fit and two of them will definitely be used in our upcoming photos.  I will need to get a new brown belt and maybe some shoes but otherwise they are perfect!!


As a quick review of the three, the fuchsia dress is very light and the detail at the neckline is so feminine.  The white dress with the black belt is very chic.  The dress is a beautiful satin and the shine is just luxe enough that it looks more expensive that it is.  the other dress, which looks like a top and skirt is so office chic.  That will definitely become a go to outfit for work. (don’t mind the horrible hair, I had recent finished working out and just threw it up.  Not my best look.)

Saturday night, after some much-needed napping we met up with some friends for dinner at one of our favorite local spots, Opal Divines, it has great food and one of the most extensive beer selections I have ever had.  So many thanks to A and F for a great time, even if it creeped into everyone’s bed time.

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Lastly, I decided to grill dinner tonight since the weather has been feeling very much like summer, even though I could have sworn it was only April.  So some delicious fresh corn and bbq chicken.  I even had my two favorite helpers keeping me company while taking care of dinner.  What a great way to wind up the weekend.




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11 04 2011

Fab dresses! 😉 where will the photo shoot take place??

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