I may offically hate shopping

4 04 2011

The hubs and I have scheduled a spring photo session for this month (17Apr to be exact) and I have gone into the “I must have the perfect outfit” mode.  Cut to Friday afternoon, after work I stopped by more stores than I have in probably my entire life (that may not be entirely true).  At least I was doing this alone, so I was not torturing my husband with him having to wait on me.  But I did take plenty of dressing room photos and sent them to him while he was on his way to a drumline contest (congrats honey!!).

Now, I am not always what one would call cheap, but I do pride myself on not paying retail.  I love me some outlet mall shopping, but sadly Anthropologie does not have an outlet store and the items they had on sale were not that cute.  So after deciding that I loved one particular dress but not the price tag ($268!) plus I probably wouldn’t have worn it for any other event I have coming up I could not justify that price.

Cut to me heading to the mall.  Now I hate the mall, I never find anything but it’s the only place I could think of to go to before giving up and going to the grocery store and calling it a day.  I think I went to every store in the entire mall that could have had cute dresses that were not going to cost me my first-born child and still nothing.

Well, that was not the end of my shopping excursion as I went to the blessed outlet stores on Sunday, this time with the husband in tow and he was such a great sport and waiting for me and offering opinions but still, no such luck.

So now I’m left with looking at what I have on hand and also looking on-line and thinking “what if this doesn’t get delivered in time” but as the hubs says, as long as I’m not naked it should be fine.  But I still would like to find something pretty.  Is that so wrong?!?




One response

4 04 2011

Your Dad and I like the two white ones…he favors the short one with ruffles….I like the long one with the belt. I think it shows off your shoulders nicely 🙂

Your Dad now says the choice depends on the event…so fashion taste apparently runs in the family 🙂

Dad and Taiya xoxo

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