What did you do on Sunday?

1 03 2011

Sunday started out with a nice cup of coffee and some quiet time infront of the tv with the dogs and a re-run of Top Gear (the real version from the UK).  I am called by the hubs from the garage letting me know that a small cat has wandered in.  First thought, what I am supposed to do about it.  Come to find out that the kitty was so sweet and came when I called and anytime we tried to shoo it away that it would just come back in and sleep on the bottom shelf of our workbench.  So, as sad as it made me I had to take the little thing to the local animal shelter and hope that it would find a good home.  I am a huge sucker for sweet animals, particularly dogs, but this was a very sweet cat.  So, I’m hoping that it will get adopted.

So, while I schlept the cat to the shelter, the hubs went to get in a practice race session at the local race track.  Good thing I didn’t go as I was informed that he spun his car on the track.  (heavy sigh)  Boys!

We then made our way to a long awaited massage that was WAY overdue followed by lunch and al fresco because it was about 80° and sunny.  Followed by a viewing of “Unknown”, which wasn’t bad, but I was glad that we paid the matineé price.

Hope everyone’s weekend was what they had hoped it would be.  Here’s hoping the week flys by.




One response

2 03 2011

You need to cover up those legs..showing way to much skin. Love you Dad

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